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The course will be closed on Sunday 31st December 2023.

Email Notification – Wales Golf Clubhouse System Emails
Wales Golf will shortly be enabling a number of new system emails for both club administrators and golfers that will help keep you and them updated on the status of their handicap. Below are brief summary of the new reports, who they are aimed at and when they are sent.   Please make sure your contacts are up to date in the system so that the system emails land with the right person. See highlighted section below.   
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New System Emails –  General Play Score Submission Notification Objective:
To acknowledge and confirm a club member’s successful submission of a General Play score. 
Trigger Condition: This notification is activated when any player successfully submits a General Play score. 
Target Audience: This is directed towards members who are actively putting in General Play Scores.
Handicap Index Member Update Notification Objective: To inform club members of alterations to their Handicap Index©, thus ensuring transparency and timely communication. 
Trigger Condition: Activation occurs when there is any modification to a member’s Handicap Index. 
Target Audience: All registered club members who possess a Handicap Index are the recipients of this update.  

Un-attempted Hole Weekly Notification Objective: To provide a weekly summary of players who have incomplete scores due to un-attempted holes, thereby enabling more effective handicap management. 
Trigger Condition: The system collates data for players who have recorded a “not attempted hole” within the scorecard for the last seven days, excluding the day of the report generation. 
Frequency of Dispatch: Emails are sent on a weekly basis, specifically every Monday at 11:15 a.m.  

Initial Handicap Assignment Notification Objective: To officially notify and congratulate players who have been assigned an initial Handicap Index. 
Trigger Condition: This email is targeted at players who have been assigned their initial handicap subsequent to the nightly update. 
Target Audience: New players and club users who hold the role of “Handicapper” are informed so that they can manage handicaps more efficiently. 
Multiple General Play Score Submission Weekly Notification Objective: To generate a weekly summary of players with multiple pending score submissions, for efficient management and review. 
Trigger Condition: Players with more than one unsatisfied score submission within the past seven days, barring the day of the report generation, are identified. 
Target Audience: The designated club “Handicappers” are the sole recipients.  

Multiple Unsatisfied Score Submissions Weekly Notification Objective: To flag players who have exhibited irregularities in score submissions, by submitting more than one General Play score in a single day. 
Trigger Condition: Players who have submitted more than one General Play score on a single day within the past seven days, excluding the day of the report generation, are highlighted. 
Frequency of Dispatch: Notifications are sent weekly, every Monday at 11:00 a.m. 
Target Audience: This is aimed at club administrators or users with the assigned role of “Handicapper.” 

Monmouth Golf Club Captains’ Day 2023.

Club Captain Rob Pilot welcomed all members to the biggest event in Monmouth Golf Club’s calendar, the prestigious annual Captains’ Day. Benefiting from some much-needed glorious July weather, around 100 players took part in a wonderful day of golf.

Individual and team competitions were the order of the day, with prizes for the winners of the Men’s and Ladies Stableford, nearest the pin and middle of the fairway challenges and chipping and putting fun and games. An auction and raffle raised the fantastic sum of £1400 for the three Captain’s charities: St. David’s Hospice Care, Prostate Cancer UK and Bridges Centre.

Massive thanks go to all members for their generous donations to the raffle and auction, as well as volunteers on the day including Keith Spary, auctioneer Alan Cairns, Fines-Master General James Ridley, Men’s Seniors Captain Claude Dube and Ladies Captain Lindsey Watkins.

Emma Henry and her bar team provided the wonderful buffet and hospitality, which ensured everyone was suitably fed and watered throughout the day.Anyone interested in golf should get in touch regarding the flexible membership options available; come and play at arguably the prettiest course in Wales, you’re always guaranteed a warm welcome. Email:

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Rule Changes for 2023

Captains Day 2022

Macmillan Cancer Support Longest Day Golf Challenge

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